Maximum Rx Credit, Inc.

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Maximum Rx Credit

MRCI is providing pharmacies with the most efficient expired medication management service available. Allow us to manage your medications for expired and recalls with our “worry free” program.

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A reverse logistics company that works for your PHARMACY!

Our On-Site and Off-Site service is available with simple technology to help improve and simplify your logistics. MRCI manages the entire facilities expired medication and waste concerns. In each case, our customers are provided complete detailed reports of all returns and waste processed. Finally a company that handles ALL issues with a personal touch pharmacies love.

MRCI has all the credentials you are looking for including:

  • Registered with State Pharmacy Boards and DEA and EPA Licensed waste disposer for medication decirculation.
  • Controls II-V can be returned for credit and/or destruction.
  • All DEA 222 forms will be provided by MRCI for easy transfer.
  • Computerized tracking and inventory system for handling controls.
  • Staff Pharmacists to help with questions and procedures.
  • 24x7 hotline for any MSDS questions and concerns.

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